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Spark Innovation Competition

Launch Your Venture Here! Learn How to Run Faster!

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All Innovators at this event will have $parks! to spend on Exibitors. Everyone who buys a ticket/has a booth/sponsors the expo gets cash convertable $parks (based on participation price) to spend on exhibitors=entrepreneurs.

Make Sparks Happen!
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  • Develop your business plan

  • Pitch deck & Value Proposition

  • practice your presentation

  • create and test your sales funnel

  • develop and showcase your mvp

Sparktank style

Sell your products at the Expo for Sparks. Each spark is worth the cost of a ticket or more. The more tickets sold the larger the Sparktank gets. There are only enough sparks as ther are exhibitors. If more sparks/tickets are purchased....the greater the per-spark value. Example $500 in ticket sales/20 exhibitors= $16 value per spark. The more tickets sold, the more valuble each spark is. We send exhibitors a check for the number of Sparks/Likes/tokens/raffel tickets you get from Innovators on the Expo floor. Earn Sparks, get likes, promote your value. Find investors. Prep your business for Launch.

Make IT Happen!