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Spark Innovation Competition

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All Innovators at this event will have $parks! to spend on Exibitors. Everyone who buys a ticket/has a booth/sponsors the expo gets cash convertable $parks (based on participation price) to spend on exhibitors=entrepreneurs.

Make Sparks Happen!
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  • Develop your business plan

  • Pitch deck & Value Proposition

  • practice your presentation

  • create and test your sales funnel

  • develop and showcase your mvp

Sparktank style

Sell your products at the Expo for Sparks. Each spark is worth the cost of a ticket or more. The more tickets sold the larger the Sparktank gets. There are only enough sparks as ther are exhibitors. If more sparks/tickets are purchased....the greater the per-spark value. Example $500 in ticket sales/20 exhibitors= $16 value per spark. The more tickets sold, the more valuble each spark is. We send exhibitors a check for the number of Sparks/Likes/tokens/raffel tickets you get from Innovators on the Expo floor. Earn Sparks, get likes, promote your value. Find investors. Prep your business for Launch.

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Spark Innovation Expo Features



Sparktank Judges are selected as experts in thier field from our keynote speakers. Each challenge will have a first place winner and a grand prize for the Sparktank event. Best in Show for Wearables (+VR & AR), IOT (+Smart Devices), Robotics (+Drones), Indie Games in addition to top $parks.

Make Sparks Happen!


STEM Challenges

There are four STEM challenges available for Ironman teams to compete in. The robotics challenge will be an elimination round competition for all who wish to participate. The Game of Drones will be a time trial obstacle course flying over the exhibitors all day. Judges will be circulating the floor to evaluate the best in show winner of each category. You select the top three ventures who will enter into the Sparktank for the grand prizes with your sparks.

Make Sparks Happen!