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Mastery of Innovation Workshops & Sparktank Judges

Unlearn what you have learned....by attending one of our Mastery of Innovation Worshops. Learn from our Keynote Speakers & Sparktank Judges.
  • AWhat is new VC world.
  • How to work with China.
  • How to optimise your distribution & supply chain after a crowdfunding campaign.
  • The chalenges of leading your team.
  • How to pich to investors.
  • How to raise a million dollar seed or A round of investments.
  • How to go global.
...and much more.

At the end of the day the three Exhibitors with the highest number of Sparks and the best in Show will pitch to the Sparktank for additional awards & prizes


Nichol Bradford

CEO & Founder, Willow Group, a Transformative Technology company

Nichol has a well established track record in the Interactive Gaming industry having previously worked as the Brand manager for Disney Interactive, Sr. Global Director of Strategic Growth Vivendi Games,and the Director of Operations, Blizzard Asia Pacific (APAC). She has recently graduated from Singularity University and holds an MBA from the Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania. Her mission is to positively disrupt our internal lives the way technology has disrupted our external lives.


Wade Horsey

Founder Bolerotech Inc. Your VC Consulting Firm

What does it take for an entrepreneur to go global? What drive? What team dynamic? What resources do they need to get beyond the $1 million benchmark? How can Kaizen Engineering techniques help you Make I.T. Happen?


Mikey Sigel

Founder Consciousness Hacking & BioFluent Technologies

How can Technology and Robotics Improve Lives? In the spirit of the Maker Movement, He encourages people to build new tools for exploring and altering the way we think, feel and live


David Mosby

Executive Director of the Keiretsu Forum Academy

Dave Mosby's teams have delivered innovative solutions for many Global 2000 companies including DHL, Kaiser Permanente, and Link Logistics/Starbucks.


Garth Timoll

Managing Director at Top Tier Capital Partners

Venture capital fund, secondaries, and direct investing.

Spark Innovation Competition

Launch Your Venture Here! Learn How to Run Faster!

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All Innovators at this event will have $parks! to spend on Exibitors. Everyone who buys a ticket/has a booth/sponsors the expo gets cash convertable $parks (based on participation price) to spend on exhibitors=entrepreneurs.

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  • Evaluate Performance
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  • New Clients Guaranteed to Sponsors

All the pieces you need to launch your venture.

Looking for the next unicorn? Want to know the founders of coachable revenue generating entreprenures? Want to profit from the process? Join our Sparktank as a Speaker, Sponsor, & Exhibitor. All sponsors can...

  • Conduct an Innovative Mastery Workshop
  • Evaluate the Performance of All the Exhibitors
  • Gain Exposure to the 20,000 people we market to for each Sparktank event
  • Offer your products & services as awards
  • Connect with other Sponsors of your caliber
We seek investors, lawyers, accountants, mentors, & supporters of innovation who are looking for new clients, additional exposure, direct contact information with the decision makers of new ventures. All expenses for your services will be paid by Bolerotech Inc.

Bolerotech is a VC consulting firm that sits on the Advisory Boards of companies seeking additional capital for expansion. In addition to advise, We provide managemnent counsulting teams with expertise in marketing, engineering, and investment preparation.

Our target market is pre-seed to A-round companies seeking guidence on how to raise a $1-$10 million dollar round. If you have a portfolio of companies that need some hands on investment guidence, marketing capaigns for growth, or managed engineering teams for rapid fullstack application development......

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