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Spark Innovation Competition

Launch Your Venture Here! Learn How to Run Faster!

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All Innovators at this event will have $parks! to spend on Exibitors. Everyone who buys a ticket/has a booth/sponsors the expo gets cash convertable $parks (based on participation price) to spend on exhibitors=entrepreneurs.

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Launch Your Venture!Entreprenurial Workshops, Fireside Chats, Wearables (+ VR & AR), IoT (+Smartware), Game of drones, Robo Battles, Indie Games, $parktank

  • Innovators win $parks to buy the latest and greatest products as a fraction of their ticket value
  • Exhibitors win with cash convertable $parks, the top 3 pitch to the $parktank for awards & prizes
  • Sponsors hold entreprenurial workshops, fireside chats, and win at least one new client through the $parktank

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Launch Levels...

Evolutionary Sponsorship

Sponsors & Investors ...Launch founders with Awards & Prizes!

  • Platinum Sponsor

    .....Tony =
  • Your Brand name Expo on three events
  • +exposure to 90,000 innovators & startup ventures
  • +10x10 booth
  • +workshop speaker
  • +SparkTank judge

  • Gold Sponsor

    ..... Pepper =
  • Your Brand name Expo on two events
  • +exposure to 60,000 innovators & startup ventures
  • +10x10 booth
  • +workshop speaker
  • +SparkTank judge

  • Silver Sponsor

    ..... Jarvas =
  • Offer your product as a Spark STEM innovation award
  • +exposure to 30,000 innovators and startup ventures
  • +5X5 booth
  • +workshop speaker
  • +SparkTank judge

  • Founders...get your revenue Boost!

  • Ironman

    $100..... +5X5 booth to Receive CASH + New Users from ticket sales for your startup products & services

  • Innovators...have fun with Sparks!

    • Mark1

      $25. Early bird entry ticket